Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy

We understand that life can be challenging at times, and everyone faces their own unique set of struggles and difficulties. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or any other emotional challenges, seeking support from a trained professional can be immensely beneficial.

Person-Centered Counselling

How we work

Person-Centered counselling Is one of the humanistic modalities, it was founded by the American psychologist Carl Rogers, who believed that, given the right conditions, a person can reach their full potential and become their true self, he termed it to be self-actualisations.
To help you to achieve this your therapist will offer:

  • Unconditional positive regard – your counsellor will care about you and not make any judgements about you.
  • Congruence – being honest and transparent with you
  • Empathic understanding – your counsellor will do their best to understand you and your experiences your counsellor will do their best to understand you and your experiences

Your therapy will take place in a planned, regular session, the frequency will be dependent on your circumstances.
When you start therapy, you will be taken through an assessment to enable your therapist to identify the issues you are facing, and any history which may be helpful for your therapist to be able to provide the best support during the session.

“I have attended around 8 sessions of hypnotherapy with Rachel and I found them to be extremely helpful. She was always welcoming and instantly made me feel relaxed and comfortable.”