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I have a professional career of more than 20 years coaching, developing and managing people in private and charitable sectors, maintaining and sharing best practice within various industries, with a flexible and adaptable approach. I have worked alongside middle and senior management driving their vision forward to achieve results. I am qualified in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing. I have helped many adults and children work through their issues.

I help organisations implement well-being at work. Introducing a new culture at work can be difficult, breaking the mould and making a change doesn’t come easily to some people. Focusing on well-being and encouraging this enables employers to make it easier for staff. Setting time aside for employees to de-stress, relax or talk about whatever is troubling them, whether it be stress or not makes a difference.

I can support your organisation and help you conform to your Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR), and tailor a plan to meet your business needs.

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“I have attended around 8 sessions of hypnotherapy with Rachel and I found them to be extremely helpful. She was always welcoming and instantly made me feel relaxed and comfortable.”