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What My Clients Say
I decided to look into hypnotherapy to help with my anxiety. I found Rachel on the Internet, contacted her and she was really friendly and helpful. I wasn't sure what to expect or whether it would help. A few sessions in and I could feel a difference but since my most recent session, I really felt like it worked and have felt great since and have felt like I didn't need another session so quickly.
Rachel is lovely, she is great at what she does, as well as being there if you just need a chat. I would definitely recommend Rachel to anyone looking for a hypnotherapist
Naomi Pinner

I have attended around 8 sessions of hypnotherapy with Rachel and I found them to be extremely helpful. She was always welcoming and instantly made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I was a little bit worried at first that it would not help but after I had the first session I started to feel different. She always made me feel at ease and I can definitely say that my outlook on things have now changed thanks to having hypnotherapy. I would recommend this to anyone because it has changed my mind-set about various things.

I've been having hypnotherapy sessions with Rachel for a while now to help with my anxiety and stress levels.

Admittedly at first I wasn't sure what to expect but Rachel was very reassuring, very informative and has always made me feel comfortable. Rachel is very professional and works in a relaxed and soothing environment.

My anxiety and stress levels have improved a lot since I began hypnotherapy. I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone thinking about making the decision to start hypnotherapy and make that difference to the quality of their lives.

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