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Go Talk Therapy provides 1-2-1 counselling and hypnotherapy, we also provide support in the workplace which includes mental health training, coaching and development which focuses on your physical and mental wellbeing.

We offer an all-round approach ensuring we look after your needs; we listen to the problems you face and place you with a therapist to help you.
Therapy can be a huge benefit, giving you the time and space to share how you feel in a confidential setting. Person Centred counselling is at the core of what we do, this means given the right conditions, you can reach your full potential.

We believe in investing the time with every person, listening to your needs and by taking a holistic approach we can get you to where you’d like to be. We offer a tailored approach to our workplace training to ensure we meet the needs of your organisation.

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“I have attended around 8 sessions of hypnotherapy with Rachel and I found them to be extremely helpful. She was always welcoming and instantly made me feel relaxed and comfortable.”


“I had video sessions with Rachel to help with contamination OCD due to the pandemic. She is very warm. welcoming, and easy to talk to. I never felt rushed and gained so many valuable skills to help me through these mental health challenges. I’m in a much better place now, looking forward to my recovery and very grateful to Rachel for all her help.”


“I first met Rachel when we were coming out of lockdown. I, like many others, had struggled to come to terms with changes in my situation at the time, including a career I loved coming to an end, having to move back home from abroad and leaving people and places behind. The isolation of the situation really began to take its toll and I felt low, verging on depressed. Rachel helped me immensely. Her sessions are solution-based and offer practical advice. She helped me to set goals and go out to get them, without being fearful of the future. After just one session I could see the light at the end of the tunnel!”


“Rachel is a fabulous counsellor who I highly recommend. She makes you feel at ease from the minute you meet her and this then makes you feel comfortable to talk to her about anything and everything. Her sessions are helpful in that as well as having a sympathetic ear; she encourages self-reflection which ultimately supports you moving forward. Rachel helped me learn techniques to combat stress and anxiety in certain situations and she continues to check in to make sure that I am reflecting upon her advice and taking care of myself.”