Wellbeing at Work


We will provide a free consultation to identify your business needs and opportunities. Reduced absence rates, increased productivity, work-life balance and reduced stress. Help youself to relax and unwind, to focus on issues you are facing providing you with solutions.

How it Works:

  • Identify priorities and business needs and opportunities
  • Mental health campaigns, newsletters, counselling for staff & managers, training & development
  • Interviews with Managers
  • Consider staff survey
  • Activate your plan

We understand the last year has been difficult and many people have had to make adjustments. For some of us we just want someone to talk to.

Our Wellbeing assistants are available to help your employees whether they are working from home or transitioning back to the office. We have someone available to help and support you every step of the way.

Additional Services

Relaxation sessions

Look after your employees by providing them with workplace relaxation sessions.

  • Take time our of your day
  • Give yourself time to gather your thoughtsLet any tension and stress you feel go
  • Relaxation session can be provided in the workplace
  • Tailored sessions for small groups available

Mindful mentoring

Go Talk Therapy will work alongside your HR team and managers to ensure the right support measures are in place. Provide your employees with emotional support and guidance when dealing with stressful situations and difficult conversations. Focus on supporting the emotional wellbeing of all staff.

Group Therapy

  • Give staff the opportunity to havea confidential sounding board
  • Help staff to learn about themselves
  • Provide support
  • Develop confidence and social skills
  • Costs effective for employers

One – to – One Counselling

Using a person-centred and integrative approach can help staff to work through the issues they are facing. Counselling can be used as a preventive measure before staff burn out.

Employer Benefits

Go Talk Therapy will provide you with:

  • Providing care and support will help staff to feel valued and increase productivity
  • Reporting dashboard to identify patterns and departmental issues
  • Monthly invoicing – net of 30 days Affordable costs

Employee Benefits

Go Talk Therapy will provide you with:

  • Employee would refer themselves using the online form or email
  • Once the referral is received they will be contacted within 48 hours by their preferred method
  • Their 1-hour free consultation will then be confirmed at a suitable time
  • Their appointments will then commence
  • All sessions are confidential

Facilitated Sessions

Focus on self care Tailored training available Go Talk Therapy will create and tailor training for your workplace, identifying the key areas of focus and enabling you to work in parallel with your CSR policy. We can help your staff to learn about well-being and mental health topics

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