wellbeing at work

Health and wellbeing at work should be really important and can get easily forgotten.

We tend to focus on our daily workload, the paperwork and tasks we need to get through, the meetings we need to attend and the constant hamster wheel we find ourselves on. We don’t often take time out to think about ourselves and how we are feeling.

Employers who support staff wellbeing, both mentally and physically, reap the benefits. Many employees feel hypnotherapy and relaxation is a positive experience when they are in the workplace, they feel better thought of, motivated and healthy. They build stronger relationships with their peers and perform better change. Staff with supported mental health staff whose employers support their mental health enjoy reduced stress levels and generally much more engaged.

In the short term, long hours may be manageable but can’t be sustained. The daily pressures can impact our work life balance. They can increase stress levels and then cause burnout and reduce overall performance at work.

Tips to reduce your stress and anxiety

  • Take your lunch break
  • Eat Healthily
  • Drink plenty of water – stay hydrated
  • Rest and recuperate after busy periods and long days
  • Work sensible hours
  • Exercise

Causes of stress and anxiety

  • Long hours with few breaks
  • Unrealistic deadlines, targets and workload
  • Lone working
  • Poor communication in the workplace
  • Poor managerial support
  • High-powered positions and demanding workloads