Welcome To Wellness

Focus on your wellbeing

Tips to reduce your stress and anxiety

  • Take your lunch break
  • Eat Healthily
  • Drink plenty of water – stay hydrated
  • Rest and recuperate after busy periods and long days
  • Work sensible hours
  • Exercise

Causes of stress & anxiety

  • Long hours with few breaks
  • Unrealistic deadlines, targets and workload
  • Lone working
  • Poor communication in the workplace
  • Poor managerial support
  • High-powered positions and demanding workloads

Essential oils and benefits

Educate yourself and learn how
effective essential oils are for you.

This link is informative and explains how the doTerra products are farmed and the benefits

helps you to feel calm, reduces stress and worry. Apply before bed to help you sleep.
It is good to repair skin irritations.

helps with nausea, toothache, menopause and hot flushes

promotes an uplifting mood

is a natural antiseptic, can be used as a hand sanitiser
and applied to spots, acnes and cold sores

Boost your immune system, reduce colds and hay fever. Soothe your muscles or support you digestion with our natural products.